Actor Max Greenfield Urges Studio CEOs to 'Be the Heroes' and Make a Deal in Hollywood Strikes


Ah, the glamour of Hollywood! However, things are secretly heating up like a summer day in the desert. The wonderful co-star of CBS's "The Neighborhood," Max Greenfield, has a message for Hollywood's business leaders: "Be the heroes, come to the table, make a deal!" The actors' strike has been going on for two weeks.

In a recent charity ping pong event at Dodger Stadium, Max, accompanied by his co-star Cedric the Entertainer, shared his thoughts on the situation. He reminded everyone that their deal was up, and it's high time to adjust to the changes in the business. According to Max, making a minor adjustment now feels like trying to squeeze into skinny jeans after a year of pandemic snacks – not a pretty sight.

Of course, they are not just striking for fun. The actors and writers deserve fair compensation and protection, especially when it comes to dealing with artificial intelligence. Who knows, maybe someday we'll have AI-powered actors taking over the silver screen? Imagine AI doing the Macarena – now that's a sight to see.

Bryan Cranston, the man famous for cooking more than just breakfast, chimed in too. He remarked that things are moving at the pace of a snail in slow motion.Let's back to the table and discuss this, please, everyone. Nobody like being in an uncertainty, especially when millions of fans are looking forward to their favorite television shows and films.

Joining the actors were the striking screenwriters who had walked out earlier in May. Together, they've brought Hollywood to a grinding halt. Lights, camera, strike! No more movie magic until a resolution is reached.

Casey Affleck, an Oscar-winning actor, pointed out something that should be obvious: nothing gets made in Tinseltown without the artists. Without actors and writers, all the advanced technology and wonderful cameras are just a group of people playing a useless game in a very expensive playground.

And speaking of expensive playgrounds, actor and entrepreneur Danny Trejo has some words for the big shots on top. Sure, they make truckloads of money, but how about sparing a thought for the folks working behind the scenes? Let's not forget those struggling to make ends meet while trying to make the silver screen shine.

Danny even painted a hilarious picture for us. Imagine the offspring of a Hollywood CEO trying to break into showbiz. They'd probably get a VIP pass to Beverly (expletive) Hills while the rest of us mortals are scraping together pennies to pay rent.

Not everyone enjoys the glamour of Hollywood. Holly Robinson-Peete, a veteran SAG member since 1977, wants us to understand that not every actor is living the high life. Many are just average people attempting to support themselves by doing what they love.

So, dear Hollywood studios and CEOs, heed Max Greenfield's call and be the heroes. Get back to the negotiating table, have a real conversation, and let's wrap this strike up before the popcorn goes stale! Let's show the world that Hollywood knows how to make a blockbuster deal – on and off the screen.

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