Paige Spiranac facing TikTok ‘shadow’ ban

The savory drama, oh my! The former golf player Paige Spiranac has been having trouble a little bit on Tik Tok. She shared the information to her followers, claiming she had experienced an app shadow ban. Oh no.

With 1.5 million followers, Paige is already well-known on Tik Tok. That's like having a stadium full of supporters. She also has 3.8 million followers on Instagram. This girl is a social media sensation.

The funny part is that Paige continually impresses her fans with golf advice, lifestyle photos, and other golf related things. She has locked down the title of golf icon.

Paige has gained fame online since giving up golf, and Tik Tok has become particularly fond of her. Imagine how surprised she was when she saw that her views were slipping away like a golf ball into a sand trap. But she has a guess as to why, and she made fun of it in a humorous video: She pointed lightly at her chest and added, "I was told that all my content is shadow-banned due of the girls. You're playing games now, Tik Tok.

She does have a valid point, though: she sees girls in bikinis dancing to "One Margarita" on the 'For You page,' and she thinks to herself, "You go, girls!" However, she also wants her content to be viewed. It's only right.
Paige even begged to her fans for support, stating that "No one is able to see my videos these days." Tik Tok, please show this girl some love.

Don't worry, Paige isn't only on Tik Tok. She has her own website, OnlyPaige, where she posts different stuff. Guess what? She keeps things fun and jolly but there will be no nudity, she assures.

Oh, and she's showing off changes to her golf game and swing on YouTube as well. This woman is on fire.

So, let's hope Tik Tok lifts this ridiculous ban and allows Paige's films to shine once more. We're all excited to see this fantastic golfer perform! Tik Tok, please don't leave us in the dark.

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