One Piece Live Action surpasses Emilia Clarke's starring Game of Thrones by an excess of USD 3 million by MB

One Piece Live Action

One Piece Live Action surpasses Emilia Clarke's starring Game of Thrones by an excess of USD 3 million by MB

With the debut of the One Piece Live Action, a plethora of discussions has been ignited in its wake. Among these dialogues, one pertains to the fiscal outlay entailed in crafting a solitary episode, notably eclipsing the investment behind Game of Thrones.


Antecedent to the much-anticipated unveiling of the One Piece Live Action, the financial outlays underpinning the series have been brought to light. This revelation unveils a startling revelation: the expenditure eclipses even the lavish budgets once allocated for Game of Thrones.

The veritable cost for an individual episode is an inquiry that has captured collective curiosity. The 8-part chronicle chronicles the inception of Luffy's escapades and the genesis of it all. The advent of this intel prompted swift comparisons to Game of Thrones, a series distinguished by its opulent financial allocation. Thus, the precise expense affiliated with the creation of a single episode of One Piece Live Action is unveiled.

One Piece Surpasses the Game of Thrones Realm

Sources citing Netflixwoche, the official German counterpart to Netflix, unveil that the per-episode financial dedication to One Piece Live Action is a staggering USD 17.27 million. This monumental sum outpaces even the fiscal provisions made during the zenith of Game of Thrones' production, which stood at a remarkable USD 14.79 million per episode. The bold decision to channel such a substantial pecuniary reservoir into the rendition of One Piece reaffirms the studios' unwavering commitment to satiate the desires of ardent aficionados. Possessing a legacy embroidered with ambitious narratives and grandiose visual spectacles, One Piece simultaneously poses a thrilling opportunity and an audacious gamble for the Netflix platform.

One Piece Live Action

The streaming juggernaut's prior forays into live-action adaptations, as witnessed in Cowboy Bebop and Death Note, were undeniably ventures fraught with risk. Regrettably, neither enterprise managed to captivate the audience as envisioned. Ergo, the triumph of the forthcoming endeavor carries profound significance for the studio.

Early Impressions of One Piece Live Action

As the episodes commenced their digital odyssey, a prevailing sentiment began to crystallize: Netflix's adaptation of One Piece in live-action could potentially shatter the jinx that frequently dogs the transition from anime to real life. The accolades poured forth, praising the cast's prowess, the allure of visual effects, and the riveting narrative. Megan Peters of bestows the moniker of "good good," Daniel Dockery from Crunchyroll deems it simply "good," and Mo Hoosen of The Streamr lauds it as the "real deal" and possibly the "cynosure of Netflix productions." Meanwhile, @WildeePatrol on Twitter extols the vast magnitude and the ensemble's prowess. Evan Valentine, also from, underscores its divergence from prior adaptations: "This is NOT Cowboy Bebop." The influx of positive reviews bodes favorably for the illustrious voyage of the beloved series on the Netflix platform, with the potential to entice fresh enthusiasts and galvanize a triumphant second season.

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