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Greetings, I am Maninder Bawa, the proprietor of I dwell in Patiala, a district nestled in the heart of Punjab. My academic journey culminated with my graduation from Punjab University Chandigarh. Having dedicated 18 years to public service, I relinquished that path to embark upon the endeavor of curating the blogging realm through This digital platform predominantly caters to the United States, where I compose blogs tailored for the American audience.

How do I become a blogger?

If there is a blogger, then he must be fond of reading and writing because it is a natural thing and everyone has some or the other information about the internet. My condition was also similar, being a public service, I could not spare much time, but whenever I got some time, I used to write and post something. Due to which I had some knowledge about blogging but I never thought of making it a profession.

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